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Matte Black Onyx Gemstone Bead Healing Stone
Matte Black Onyx Gemstone Bead Healing Stone
Matte Black Onyx Gemstone Bead Healing Stone

Matte Black Onyx Gemstone Bead Healing Stone

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○ This Green Aventurine Crystal measurement is approx. 1.6 Inches. The package includes pendant and chain with chosen length. The chain is 1.9mm strong stainless steel. The ring does not have a way to open so the chain is 100% to human strength but not guaranteed with the extended chain and lobster clasp. The extender chain is purposely cut to avoid any injury if caught somewhere.

○ This natural healing stone Necklace looks both beautiful, are high quality and luxurious but at a fraction of the price. All strings are strong, durable and very much stretchable to fit over the hand nicely without breaking or hurting the wearer.

○ Crystal Healing Stones have been used for many years in many styles such as necklaces or even bracelets. They have been used as short crystal or even long crystals and were made particularly for both genders to wear.

○ This Green Aventurine Healing Stone Necklace makes a great gift for mothers, sisters, cousins, loved ones, friends, males friends, and family or for yourself!




Wear or carry Onyx as a personal amulet of protection to keep senses keen and instincts sharp, whether traversing a desolate street at night, fighting fears associated with bullying or terrorism or as a protective shield during psychic endeavors. Place an Onyx in the workplace to deflect others’ negative thoughts or criticism, and for effective defense against those who are manipulative or argumentative. Rest an Onyx on a nightstand with the intent of protection against nightmares and fears associated with the dark. Sardonyx may be used to grid around one’s home or garden, or apartment building in urban areas, to prevent crime.

Draw on Onyx for physical strength after a long illness, prolonged work project, demanding exercise or weight loss program, or any situation that depletes one’s resources. It aids the retention of energies rather than allowing them to dissipate, enabling one to build up vigor and vitality, stamina, and focus. Onyx boosts self-confidence and assertion while bringing reason to passion, and is an excellent stone to carry into conflict situations where a cool head is needed.

Onyx is an excellent stone for stimulating intuitive powers and furthers the quality of sentience. It is highly effective for magical work, such as scrying, and because it retains memories of its wearer, is an excellent stone for psychometry, holding an object for a reading. Onyx is particularly empowering for those working to develop their telekinetic abilities. White Onyx can enhance spiritual vision and dream experiences, and facilitate connection with lunar energies.

Sardonyx is a “stone of virtue” and stimulates honesty and strength of character, as well as bringing lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships. Use it in the search for a meaningful existence, and to attract friendships and good fortune based on good moral ethics.



Necklaces are available from 14 Inches to 32 Inches. Do not worry too much about picking a size too small as the necklace has an extender chain that expands the length from 1.5 to 3 inches more.

If you are unsure of your size, measure your neck to the desired length with a tape measure or a straight rule and whichever length you want it to reach, multiply it by 2. EX. If you measure 12 inches from your neck to belly button (where ever you want it to stop) you will be ordering the 24 inches chain.


○ Your item will be shipped within 1-2 days in a small velvet baggy inside a 4x8inch Black Bubble Mailer package with an expected delivery of 2-5 days.

○ Please message me with any questions or concerns.

**Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.**


* Message me for details about crystals. Some crystal is faux. *
* I do no grow or mine my own crystals. *
* Rings, Chain, and clamps are a stainless steel. Any other metals are not.*

A great gift for mothers, fathers, daughters, son, grand daughter, grand father, grandmother, friend, best friend, coworker, lover, partner, husband or wife for any occasion such as thanks giving, birthday, new years, Christmas, house warming, thank you gift, Hanukkah, birthday, baby shower, valentines, present, gift, secret, or baptisms.

Only chains, rings, clams and extenders are stainless steel. This does not include moons, pendants, and crystal caps.